Recent Calls
Wed. Mar 22nd 2017
Lyons Firefighters had a busy week last week (week of March 13th) responding to a total of 8 emergency calls. From 3 structure fires, 2 vehicle accidents and 3 FP (Fire Police). Only one of the FP c...
Mon. Feb 8th 2016
Early this morning at 0349 Lyons firefighters were awaken to assist Company 46 (Kutztown) on a structure fire on West Main Street in the Borough. The Engine with a crew of 5, and the Utility with a dr...
Sun. Dec 27th 2015
Sunday, Dec. 27 Lyons crews were called for a motor vehicle into a pole. No injuries upon arrival.
Tue. Dec 1st 2015
Lyons was dispatched to assist Oley at a working barn fire on Hill Church Road in Pike Township. Upon arrival the crew was in a man-power pool until needed for hose-line operations to foam down the st...
Tue. Dec 1st 2015
Dispatched for an MVA with unknown injuries at Main Street and Alfalfa Lane, Rockland Township. Minor injuries reported.
News Headlines
Sat. Dec 24th 2016
The officers and Firefighters from the Lyons Fire Company Truck Crew, would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope everyone has a safe holiday season! Happy Holidays!
Mon. Nov 28th 2016
On Saturday morning Fire Officers from Lyons say goodbye to fellow Kutztown Firefighter Stu Stump. Stu Stump longtime firefighter and former Assistant Chief passed away on November 20th. Stu wanted a...
Tue. Dec 29th 2015
Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015 was spent at Shadler's training with different tools used when extricating victims of motor vehicle accidents. The younger guys found this exciting and very helpful to be pr...
Fri. Oct 23rd 2015
Oct. 23 - 25, 2015: Four members attending a weekend of Hands On Training (H.O.T.) at the Berks Country Fire Training Site in Reading, PA. Two members took the two-day Newbie course learning ropes and...
Sat. Oct 17th 2015
It was a cold day but that didn't stop the Lyons Fire Company from doing Fire Prevention at the Bowers Fall Festival. Trucks were brought out for the public -- adult and children alike -- to view ...

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